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sonic the hedgehog

Sonic is a character from the sonic video game series he is a hedgehog he is segas mascot as well. Like the Mario series as Mario always verses bowser, sonic usually fights the villainous dr. eggman. His main trait is that he has super speed along with many other characters in the series.

Gaming history

He started his first game in 1991 in sonic the hedgehog for the sega mega drive. In 1992 sonic the hedgehog two was realesed it featured tails as well with sonic. In sonic the hedgehog 3 it once again featured sonic, tails, eggman and a new character knuckles. there were many other sonic games that time period of the 90s. There are many new sonic games to date such as sonic unleashed and sonic and the black night.


Sonic can do many transformations in the sonic series including


Super sonic which is like a super sayian of the dragon ball series where sonic is powered up

Wearhog sonic: Sonics latest transformation in which sonic turns into a werehog and has werehog powerd



Tails is a fox who has two tails he is sonic's best friend for more info see the tails page


Shadow is sonics arch rival he is mixed as he is good and bad sometimes he is undeafetable

In other media

Sonic has also appeared in sonic X


Games appeared in:

Mario and sonic at the olympic games

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