Mario and Luigi partners in time was a huge hit for Nintendo the game uses the DS wisely because of the touch screen and use of the new X and Y buttons.

Story Edit

Back in the past baby mario and baby Luigi find out that baby bowser is in the process of kidnapping baby peach. So the babies verse the first boss in the game he is very easy and Toad will be guiding you through the battle. You will then see the castle is under attack by another enemy so They all escaped into the koppa cruiser as quickly as they could possibly could. It was now the present time as there was a news flash explaining that the professor E. Glad built a time machine it was told that it was powered by the colbat star. The news report also explained that princess peach tried it out. Toadsworth had fainted at the thought of losing his daughter.So Mario goes out and gets a refreshroom.  As Toadsworth recovers with the help of the refreshroom he sees the time machine returning but a green monster comes out Mario knocks him out with ease. Then a mysterious hole appears what does this hole mean?, Luigi accidentally falls into it so Mario jumps in then the hole vanishes the hole was a time portal it led them two the time line from the start of the game. [Stuffwell] who is a suitcase falls on Luigi he tells the two what he can do. The village the duo landed into was under attack by the same villains who attacked the castle the two warriors go through numerous enemy's during this but you can knock them out easily.

Characters Edit

In the game there are four playable characters:

Baby mario


Baby Luigi


Non playable characters:


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