First appearance

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Latest appearance

Mario and Luigi rpg 3

Kamek is an old magikoopa and is very high up in the koopa troop. His first appearance was in super mario world 2: yoshis island. Kamek also looks after bowser when he is a baby and still now he has a major influence on him.

History Edit

Yoshi series: Edit

Kamek had his first appearance in the Yoshi series with the game super mario world 2: yoshis island. Kamek looked into his crystal ball and forsaw that baby mario and baby luigi would bring haterd to the koopa troop.  Kamek then chose to kidnap the two so he attacked there stork and only got Luigi whilst baby Mario fell down to yoshis island. Kamek then finds out that baby mario was not there so he decicded to send out his minnions to capture Mario.