Goku is a character from the dragon ball series he is a very strong person who has a tail because he is a sayian.

History: Edit

Dragon ball Edit

Emperor Pilaf saga Edit

In the emperor Pilaf saga Goku first met Bulma and destroyed her car assuming it was a monster as Goku has not seen the world that much. Bulma explains to Goku all about the dragon balls as Goku only had the four star ball which his adoptive grandfather gave to him. In the series Goku turns at once villans into good people this has been a recurring theme in the series. Goku meets Yamcha, Puar and Oolong which were all once bad until Goku turned them into the good side. There was a main villan or a group throughout the series that was Emperor pilaf and his two followers Pilaf wanted to use the dragon balls to take over the world. In this series you also learn Goku can turn into a great ape but his tail was cut of by Puar.'

Tournament Saga Edit

After the search for the dragon balls master Roshi offers Krillan and Goku if they want to train under him which they do but only under one condition which was to find the master a girl. The two end up with a woman named Launch.

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