God of War brief story.

God of War is a series of games set in ancient Greece and the time of Olympus. You play as Kratos, a servant to the gods who wishes for redemption fir the evil things he has done when he was in the service of Ares, the God of War. So in the series you embark on epic quests and while you play, you work deeper into the past of Kratos and discover his greatest secrets...

God of War Gameplay.

This story has great game play, but has its flaws. A lot of people say this game involves a lot of button mashing, and while this may be true to some extent once you play the game on really hard you tend not to button mash. The controls are quite simple, but change in each of the 'GoW' games. This game has a great replay value due to its game play, if you did the game on both easy and very hard and did the challenges, it would take you at least 15 hours so there is a lot of replay value involved. I personally think the game play is great. It involves a lot of combos which you can do by using different combonations of the triangle and square buttons.

Important Characters.

#Kratos... Before Kratos became a servant of the gods, he was a warrior in the spartan army. He was feared throughout all of Greece, but was eventually beaten by Barbarians. In order to save his life Kratos pledged himself to the God of war Ares. He has been tormented by the deeds Ares made him do since the day he pledged himself to him and now just wants to be rid of the nightmares that tormented him once and for all...

#Ares... Ares is an ambitious Greek God, who cares only for himself. He helped Kratos from the Barbarians merely because Kratos would be useful to him in the future. He has no respect fro the other Gods of Olympus, and prefers to work alone. He made Kratos into his servant; and for 10 years he made Kratos kill and murder people for him for no good reason. And although Ares has not seen it, he has now created his own worst enemy in his most faithful servant...

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