Final Fantasy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy crisis Core is the first Final Fantasy game to migrate to the PsP. It is a prequel to the fabled Final Fantasy 7. In this game you play as SOLDIER 2nd class Zack Fair. This game is very epic. It focuses on Zack's dream to become a hero as everyone starts to desert SOLDIER and the Shinra company. In this game, you see a lot of characters from 'FF7': including Aerith, Cloud and Sephiroth. As in most Final Fantasy games, you know alsmost nothing about the characters when you start the game. However, once you get about halfway through the game, the outstanding plot begins to reveal itself. This game while it is happy, it also holds a sad touch, which makes the story seem even more epic. The main part of the game starts when SOLDIER 1st class Genesis dicides to go MIA on the Shinra company. It is then up to 1st class Angeal and 2nd class Zack to find him and stop him from destroying the entire Shinra company. It is a good game, with lots of reply value and extras. It has over 200 side missions you can complete which are very challenging and fun. Overall it has about 20 hours of playing time if you want to complete absolutely everything. This is a good game play time for a PsP game, and in my opinion Crisis Core is one of Final Fantasys best.