Brief Outline of the games.

Final fantasy are a Square Enix made bunch of games, with very good stories. There are many final Fantasy's, on both the Ps1 and Ps2. Final Fantasy games are usually in a made up world, where you usually go on an epic quest to save something etc. Final Fantasy likes to focus on their characters in their games, they like to have deep story's that keep you thinking, which is why they are so popular. You usually become very attached to one or more of your characters in these games, and that is one of the reasons why Final Fantasy is so popular.

Games in franchise.

Final Fantasy X: Final Fantasy X is a game set in the magical world of Spira. You follow the story of a fabled blitsball player Tidus, and the summoner Yuna. In this game the overall plan is to defeat Sin, who is an evil entity who's purpose is to punish Spira. This game (like all Final Fantasy's) has a great plot that makes you want to play more. The game play in 'FFX' is different from some of the others; It is turn based, and while this may sound a bit strange, it suits the game and makes the game what it is. The characters in this game are very memorable. They all have good backgrounds behid them, and while you know very little about them at the start of the game, as you progress though; you learn more about the chatracters and why they are the way they are. This game is very long, it took me about 25 hours to complete and that was only doing the story, and not heading for any of the extras. It is good value for your money, and it has hours upon hours of reply value. I rate this game 9.5 out of 10.

Final Fantasy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy crisis Core is the first Final Fantasy game to migrate to the PsP. It is a prequel to the fabled Final Fantasy 7. In this game you play as SOLDIER 2nd class Zack Fair. This game is very epic. It focuses on Zack's dream to become a hero as everyone starts to desert SOLDIER and the Shinra company. In this game, you see a lot of characters from 'FF7': including Aerith, Cloud and Sephiroth. As in most Final Fantasy games, you know alsmost nothing about the characters when you start the game. However, once you get about halfway through the game, the outstanding plot begins to reveal itself. This game while it is happy, it also holds a sad touch, which makes the story seem even more epic. The main part of the game starts when SOLDIER 1st class Genesis dicides to go MIA on the Shinra company. It is then up to 1st class Angeal and 2nd class Zack to find him and stop him from destroying the entire Shinra company. It is a good game, with lots of reply value and extras. It has over 200 side missions you can complete which are very challenging and fun. Overall it has about 20 hours of playing time if you want to complete absolutely everything. This is a good game play time for a PsP game, and in my opinion Crisis Core is one of Final Fantasys best.

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