Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2 ps2 is apart of the tenkaichi series




Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2 is great for a dragon ball fanatic with all new characters from the last game and a good dragon adventure mode. The games dragon adventure mode isn't all it is cracked up to be at times as most of the battles are at the same difficulty. The hardest battles are usually against a great ape or if you are playing as hercule. There is item fusion in which you get two items to fuse them to make a new character e.g.. power ball plus Nappa equals to great ape Nappa. The game also has a tournament mode in which you go through in a tournament. Also features game fusion in if which you have the first game you can fuse it together you can see what it does for yourself. Over all the game deserves a good 4/5 graphics are okay as well as the sound and this is my first review.

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